Staten Island Crowns and Bridges

Restore and Repair in One Day!

A smile is one of your greatest personal assets. Don’t waste it because of a lack of time. With CEREC, restorations can be performed in a single session, usually about one hour! The restoration is natural looking, as it is made from tooth-colored ceramic material. The ceramic material is compatible with tissue in your mouth, high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. It allows Dr. Ratner to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of your tooth. CEREC can be used to create partial and full crowns for restorative purpose or to support a natural and comfortable bridge.

We even have a computerized staining a glazing oven in our office to make sure each restoration is perfect!


A crown, also called a cap, is a custom-made restoration that repairs and strengthens a tooth that has fractured, has a large cavity, has an old filling that has failed or has had root canal therapy. Unlike an inlay or onlay, a crown completely covers the tooth.

We have the capability to fabricate our own crowns with the precision of CEREC and porcelain for strength, endurance and appearance.


A dental bridge (or pontic) is a custom-made false tooth or teeth permanently placed between two healthy teeth, filling in the area left by a missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is held in place by porcelain crowns placed on the healthy teeth on each side of space to be filled.

If you are a candidate, our cosmetic bridges offer our most attractive, metal-free options. Without metal, the bridge absorbs light, creating a natural looking smile.

Bridges reduce the risk of gum disease, help correct some bite problems and help improve speech.

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