Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Disorder

Getting Staten Island Comfortable

Neuromuscular dentistry is a non-surgical discipline used to diagnose and treat malocclusion through the gentle repositioning of the jaw, alleviating years of pain and discomfort, and as a result, even enhancing the appearance of the smile.

Advanced Technology

To complement our neuromuscular treatments and aid in diagnosis, we use the Myotronics K7 Evaluation System. This system is highly sophisticated equipment that provides three technologies for measuring the position and function of the jaw and determining an optimal treatment plan. Those technologies are: a TENS Unit, jaw sonography and the K7 Tracking System.

The TENS unit is used to electronically massage the muscles of your head and neck. The TENS unit stimulates your jaw with low frequency pulses to help the muscle completely relax and find its most comfortable state.

Jaw sonography non-invasively reveals jaw joint noises that occur during jaw movement. Such noises are a sign of malocclusion (a poorly aligned bite).

The Myotronics K7 Evaluation System to track the position of your jaw at rest and in motion. This sophisticated computer program records and interprets TMJ sounds, masticatory (chewing) muscle activity (EMGS) and the path of movement the jaw follows in function.

Using these technologies, Dr. Ratner can determine the most comfortable, functional and optimal position for your jaw.


The life changing results usually involve complete cessation of pain. But there can be more: We find that many patients experience a moderate to significant change in their facial appearance following completion of the treatment. Patients with recessed lower jaws may have a new profile, accenting a stronger jaw line and chin. Areas of the jaw that may have protruded excessively will be pulled back in alignment. In addition, all of the restorations necessary to correct the bite will be created with consideration to the aesthetic result of the smile. Not only will this procedure correct pain, it will give patients the smile they have always dreamed about.

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