Cone Beam Scanner

Advancing Our View of Your Oral and Facial Structure

Also known as a CT scanning or CBCT, the cone beam scanner is one of the most advanced imaging techniques used by innovative dentists today.

Simply put, the cone beam scanner allows us to get a 3-D images of your head and neck skeletal structures – in about a minute! Better imaging means we have more complete information to use when designing your treatment plan, and leads to the most precise treatments and much better results. It also exposes you to up to 20 times less radiation than traditional x-rays!

We most often use it to more effectively diagnose TMJ issues and plan implant treatment.

TMJ Disorder Diagnosis

When treating TMJ disorders, the cone beam allows us to zero in on your TMJ, detect the causes of your TMJ disorder and better identify the best treatment for you.

Dental Implants

When planning and placing dental implants, cone beam technology allows us to pinpoint the healthiest bone structure. This simplifies treatment and reduces recovery time. It also opens care to patients who have not previously been candidates for implants, so even if another dentist told you no, please ask about cone beam assisted implant therapy.

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